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Why Do You Need A Rug Pad and How Do I Install One?

When installing a rug in your home or office space, the first question that pops up is whether you need a rug pad or not. Well, today, we are going to explain to you why having a rug pad is important. However, before we get on with the reasons, let's talk a bit about what exactly is a rug pad.

What is a Rug Pad?

A Rug Pad is a sticky buffer which is installed between your rug and your floor. It might seem like a useless add-on but its not. A rug pad provides your rug a foundation which not only helps it from sliding around, it reduces wear and holes. In other words, it is an anchor that holds down your rug while providing you other benefits as well.

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What are the Benefits of a Rug Pad?

Here are some benefits you get when you install a rug pad:

  • It gives your rug that extra bit of grip which anchor it's down to your floor. This helps it from sliding around.
  • It adds support which helps in prolonging the life of your rug. It does this by absorbing the majority of the impact you get from walking over it. The pad is designed to compress and bounce back which takes away most of the pressure.
  • A rug pad minimizes friction which makes vacuuming a lot easier. Furthermore, the pad also acts as a net that traps all of the dirt in a single place. This comes in handy when you plan on cleaning your rug.
  • Since a rug pad is placed between your rug and your floor, it adds in an additional layer of protection which helps in protecting your floor. Furthermore, some good rug pads come with water-resistance which prevents juice spills from seeping through.
  • A rug pad also helps in preventing accidents from happening. This is mainly due to the fact that it adds friction which prevents the rug from slipping around, hence, reducing the number of accidents caused by slipping.
  • It adds comfort and sound absorption. A rug pad absorbs most of the impact from walking over it which makes walking over one much quieter. Furthermore, it also acts as a cushion which makes the rug more comfortable to walk over.

How Do I Install A Rug Pad?

Now that you know that installing a rug pad is extremely beneficial, for both your floor and your rug. Here is a guide on how you can avoid the cost of professionals and install it yourself. It is easier than you think.

  1. First things first, clean the floor to make sure there is no dust or dirt. This will greatly increase the efficiency of the rug pad.
  2. Remove the plastic wrapping from the rug pad.
  3. Unroll the rug pad on to your floor where you want to place the rug.
  4. Line up the rug with your rug pad. Trim down the edges of the rug pad is larger than your rug.
  5. Place the rug on top of the rug pad.
  6. And that’s about it. Your rug pad is installed.
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