The Different Rug Weave Types

The Different Rug Weave Types

Learning about the weave types of rugs is important as not every rug is the same and as a result, the process of storing, cleaning and placing vary from type to type. So, to make life a little simpler and easier for you, we have taken the time out to bring you a guide on the different weave types. Let’s begin.

Hand Tufted Rugs


Hand-tufted rugs are made of individual threads which are loaded into a device known as a “tufting gun”. After this these threads are pulled through a backing material to create the rug and its chosen design. The looped threads are then sheared for a smooth cut-pile surface. Due to this, hand-tufted rugs shed more than your other rugs and hence require more frequent vacuuming.

hand tufted rugs


Hand-knotted rugs are some of the most expensive ones on the market, and this is mainly due to the fact that a lot of physical work is put in to create them. They are made by weavers who tie individual knots to make up the length of the rug which forms the surface of the rug. Sprouting is very common in hand-knotted rugs. However, you can easily fix this issue by trimming the treads down.

hand hooked rugs

Hand Hooked

Unlike tufting where the yarn loop is broken down, in hand-hooked rugs, the yarn loops stay intact. Furthermore, in a hooked rug, the loops are left as they are. This gives the rug its unique embroidered look. Apart from that, the entire process is very similar to that of a Hand Tufted rug.

Flatweave Rugs


Flatweave rugs are made without a pile. They are woven on a loom which can be done both, by hand or by a specially designed machine. And because they are woven together, they are usually reversible. It is recommended that you place a rug pad underneath a flatweave rug as they tend to move around a lot.

Machine-made Rugs


As a name suggests, machine-made rugs are made with the help of an electronically controlled loom called “Power Looms”. The designs and the style of the rug is controlled through a computer which then inputs the instructions to the power loom.

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